No, we do not believe in playola and believe that the process of music is and should be based upon the response from public participation. In order to produce a healthy musical environment that caters for both the public’s reception and the hardworking musicians of the world today, asking for playola would make the genuity of the music industry an artificial one as well as irresponsible.

By clicking on the navigational items in the Discover our playlist and Independent playlists section of the navigation menu you will be sent to an unlocking portal from which after accepting the conditions you will be able to begin submitting your songs for consideration on our playlist or any of the other independent playlists on our network.

Iconic playlists are for the Icons and solely kept for that purpose. They serve as a memorabilia in time and monumental figures that were and are responsible for the trendsetting of the music industry we have today. So if you do happen to be a musical king, queen, knight or noble man of a particular genre in history then please hit us up as we would be happy to include you as a monumental figure of a historical moment in time.

Upon acceptance of a song it takes between 7-14 days before it is included on our playlists. This is primarily for the Yesteryears, Millenial Mix and Express Yourself playlists. The Independent playlists on the other hand is exactly just that. independent. Therefore any submissions that are sent through that gateway are primarily administered by the owners of such playlists and you should read up or contact them, however possible regarding their submission policy.

Due to the number of submissions that one can receive in a day it is impossible for us to respond to each individual separately and therefore if you do see after your submission an automated response regarding your submission then you can be sure that we have received it. It is important that after your submission that you do regularly check the playlists you have submitted to, to see if your song gets featured there. If you do not see yourself featured on any of our playlist we ask that you do not let it discourage you from continuing to pursue your dreams and to keep submitting, we may have not chosen that song but believe that everyone has a gem stone. We also have the independent playlisting section created for additional opportunities for artists.

We do not encourage the submission of music videos primarily because we feel that the song needs to speak for itself. If we like the song we will search to see if it is available on YouTube and if so we may at a certain point in time include it in our video showcase for the particular playlist within our category.

We only accept Spotify and Deezer links so if these were not submitted then do not expect anything to be taken into consideration. We aim to give everyone as much equal attention as possible and having to search for various links from different service providers just makes things all the more tedious and time consuming for us. Therefore we prefer the 2 service providers, Deezer and Spotify.

This depends primarily upon several factors such as the audience participation of the songs in our playlists that we check regularly through statistical observations over the network. We cannot guarantee whether it will be a week, a month, 6 months or even a year as the audience member and listeners, at the end of the day, are the deciding controllers of our playlists.

We encourage the submission of 1 song per playlist a week to avoid the influx of our mailbox and to give us and independent curators the necessary time in which to listen to the number of songs we receive. If we notice that a number of songs have been sent through in one day for 1 individual artist, we simply delete our inbox in order to not flood our mail server. We also do not accept any media such as mp3, wav and other similar formats. We only look for Spotify links.

We are what is known as tastemakers and considering what is submitted to us and the particular genres they appeal to we make sure that the songs fit the particular tastes of our playlists and listeners. A combination to determine the placement of your song also depends on the quality of the music and generally how it appeals personally to the curators themselves, bearing in mind that everyone’s taste is different, including our curators. Our independent playlists have a range of other tastemakers so this allows for a variety of choice in terms of tastes.


The charging is not for your submission in terms of the music but is rather for the labor costs involved in the setting up of your communication gateway, for artists who wish to submit their music through to you. The fee is also based upon the design costs for such a gateway.

Go to the navigation menu and choose +ADD YOUR PLAYLIST once clicked you will see a submission form whereby you would fill in your particular details in order to notify us of your submission request. From there we will have a listen to the playlist after which when approved we will email you details concerning the workflow and immediately begin the setting up process of your account on our portal.

This could be due to several factors; you charged one of the artist submissions for inclusion on your playlist and not necessarily to market, pitch and promote their music to other curators, which in essence requires labor costs. Due to the number of requests we receive on a daily basis for member inclusion of playlists on our site your selection may have filtered down the list and you are probably not seeing it based upon those factors.

Within 48 hrs after submission.

You have full control over your playlists. We set up the channel and gateway as well as the means for you to gather your submissions.


Currently our primary focus is the editing of videos and the creation of motion graphics for such videos. Whether it is music videos, marketing campaigns, promotional videos for social media or events that you may have in the pipeline, we cater for these.

This entails a combination of video, 2D/3D animation, special effects and the compositing of images to create a seamless video montage for the client, one such example can be seen in our sample music video titled “Madly In Love” and “I’m a Machine” created for PMAC of DPB Records. All that we require from you is that you send us your video footage and we will do the rest in making your product stand out as visually appealing to your target market.
Yes we can create this for you as well of which can be seen in our sample video, “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”.

It firstly depends on the project we are working with and this can take literally 1 week – 1month to complete a video for client.


As digital as the world may be, if you are a live performer and would like to give your fans a sense of brand presence then we highly recommend this, especially for live gigs. Having a pull up banner and media walls to go with your performance can give you the status of being a well established artist, even though you may be only beginning your musical journey. The audience will see you as a serious musician and not just someone who is out there looking for fame. It is also necessary when you need to give quick handouts as leaflets to people at live events in order to promote your gigs, music and etc.

Our graphic designers are highly reputable in the industry and have both corporate, entertainment and agency experience. Therefore you can expect a level of professionalism behind your artist assets and marketing collateral. We have worked with big brands such as KFC, Pfizer, DJ Waxxy, international legendary producer, songwriter and composer Bruce Hawes, Trace TV and etc. Just to name a few.

  • Beautifully designed marketing graphics for all your campaigns
  • Print quality designs to be used at live events, conferences, concerts and gigs
  • Pull Up Banners
  • Street Pole Ads
  • Media Walls
  • Social Media Banners, Posts, Cover Photos and Ads
  • Photo retouching and image enhancing through colour grading tools
  • CD Cover Design
  • Electronic Press Kits and etc.

We do work with a range of print suppliers in order to have the work delivered to you. Otherwise we can make the work print ready in order for it to be delivered by you to the necessary service provider within your country.


As an artist we recommend the following, which is an updated about us page containing multiple levels of your biography. A press page where news concerning your dealings and whereabouts as an artist will be communicated to fans, hi res photos, press quotes and your latest releases. A music player that doubles up as a music store in order to have fans purchase your musical products. Lots of videos expressing your music, interviews and etc. Links to your social media pages and the band or artists contact info (that of course is publicity management). You will also need a blog that is primarily catered for you, expressing to your fans what is going on in your life as a musician. If you are a musician that goes out to perform regularly, an events page is necessary to highlight your dates. There is quite a lot more that could be added but these are the essential things you would normally require as a musician.

Yes, we highly recommend it and cater for our sites being mobile friendly for our clients and their customers.

Yes we cater for all forms of market within the entertainment business.

It is one of our highly recommended roles and can cater for making this possible.

Depending on the complexity of the site, it can take 7-30 working days.

We are currently in the process of developing our offering in this regard but please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to look into making your requirements possible.